For any problems related to the UNC One Card that are not addressed on this page please contact the UNC One Card Office in person or by phone at 919-962-8024.

Convenience Accounts

The convenience account is just like cash, accessible through the UNC One Card. Convenience dollars can be added to the One Card at any time, in any amount. Convenience dollars are good anywhere on campus that accepts the One Card: Student Stores for books and supplies, vending machines, laundry machines, Campus Health Services, snack bars, on-campus delivery from selected restaurants and all Carolina Dining Services facilities.

The convenience account is a financial plan that is good for basically everything on campus where the card is accepted for payment. It is especially important to have funds in your convenience account to do laundry in the dorms, using a copier, or a vending machine.

The Flex Plan is a financial plan that is only associated with your meal plan; in fact, you can’t even have a flex plan without purchasing a meal plan. The flex plan is only accepted in locations for food purchase only so it’s a good budgeting tool to know that you will only be able to use this for food.

To put it simply, both convenience accounts and flex plans work for purchasing food but the convenience account covers everything else on campus.

Any value left in a student’s convenience account at the semester’s end will carry over to the next semester. Refunds are allowed during the first two weeks of fall semester and at the end of the spring semester. Refunds are only by check and take two to four weeks to process. The student must come to the One Card Office in person to request a refund. At the end of each spring semester, the One Card Office will process cash refunds for students who have $150 or less left in their convenience accounts.
No, convenience accounts cannot be deferred. Value may be added to your convenience account by cash or check at our office, using Master Card online, or by mailing a check to our office.
We do not send out statements on a regular basis. However, we will be happy to print out statements for any cardholder. The card holder must come to the UNC One Card Office in person to request this service. You may also view your account statement online using your Onyen and password.

We are prohibited by federal law (FERPA) from giving account balances out over the phone. The cardholder can check their balance several ways:

  • The cardholder can check their balance in person at the UNC One Card Office during our office hours.
  • The cardholder can request a receipt with their balance printed on it any time that they make a purchase.
  • The cardholder can do a balance inquiry at any Tar Heel Teller machine.
  • The cardholder can check their balance online using a password.

Meal Plans

You can find meal plan information at the Carolina Dining Services website. Or you can call Carolina Dining Services at 800-UNC-MEAL.
Yes, students can still sign up for their meal plan even if they are waiting for their financial aid disbursement.
Please go to This will take you to the link to sign up for your meal plan. Your meal plan will be billed to you through the UNC Cashier’s Office on your student account and your meal plan will be available to you via your One Card when the meal plan begins.
Yes, annual meal plans can be changed, during the first two weeks of the fall semester, during the refund/transfer period only. Call the UNC One Card Office at 919-962-8024 or CDS at 1-800-UNC-MEAL for the appropriate dates. For more specific meal plan policies, please refer to the Carolina Dining Services website,

Terminated Employees

Please return the employee’s UNC One Card to the UNC One Card Office through campus mail, CB #1530, with a note indicating that the person has been terminated.