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The UNC One Card offers many services for University departments to allow more flexibility for fund distribution, department copy card capability and help with building access. We also offer custom card and badge design. Read on for more information or contact the One Card Office (Phone: 919-962-8024).

Funding One Cards and Departmental Copy Cards with Department Funds

  • We offer department copy cards so departments can use the copiers and printers in all libraries on campus as well as pay for other services.
  • If a department wants to prepay for cards, or wants to order multiple cards, the One Card Office can submit one form on a department’s behalf, with an attached list.
  • Gym/Pool memberships must be arranged on an individual basis with the OneCard office.
  • If you requested a new card to be produced, be sure to come by the One Card Office to pick it up. Otherwise, call us at 919-962-8024 to request it be sent by Campus Mail.

For loading details in the ConnectCarolina system, please follow the directions below:

  1. Complete the One Card Request Form. (For the correct purpose account, see the left hand column of the form).
  2. Submit Form to One Card (
  3. The Service Center of Excellence will notify the finance contact, when journal is submitted.
  4. The One Card Office will notify you when your transaction is completed (either for a card pick-up or when your money has been added to the card).
The UNC One Card Office offers several different types of online secure door access. Our door access readers make it possible for departments to manage their own access and only allow designated people to use those readers after hours and weekends. We can also put schedules on doors so they automatically unlock and lock down each day. Please contact the UNC One Card Office Director at 919-962-2410 for more information.

If a Department has a need for an access card for work by a contractor after hours or on weekends, the following policy is to be followed:

Door Access Policy for Short-term Access

We will issue Building Access Cards to contractors for special projects by the authority and sponsorship of the Department where the work is being done.  We will gather all required information from the contractor and enter that into our One Card Database for tracking purposes.


  1. When a department is in need of special work by a contractor during off hours and weekends, they may require the contractor to have a Building Access Card that can control the electronic access to the building that is controlled by the One Card Office rather than issue a key to that contractor.
  2. We will send a form to the department to fill in our needed criteria for the contractor.
  3. In addition to the form the department must contact the One Card Office via email to authorize the contractor to have a card issued.
  4. Then they can send the contractor to the One Card Office to receive the access card.
  5. The One Card Office will gather the following information from the contractor (either in person from the contractor or by the form from the department) to be put into the One Card Database:
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Gender
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Home Address
    5. Local Address will be the sponsoring department (include sponsor’s name if possible)
    6. Classification will be “Access Card”
    7. Expiration Date – no longer than 1 month.
    8. A photo will be printed on the card.
  6. We will charge $10 for the card so either the department can pay or the individual.
  7. We will provide the department with the ID number we issued to the contractor so they can then add the appropriate access group to the card.