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You may upload your photo for your UNC One Card before you come to the One Card Office.


The photo must be passport or driver’s license quality that is not pixelated or grainy and should have been taken within the last six months.
between 150 and 600 pixels
2 x 2 inches or 51 x 51 mm

Sample Photo

Sample Photo

Your photo must:

  • Show you looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression or smiling.
  • Have your face clearly visible and shoulders square to the viewer.
  • Have a white or solid, light colored background.
  • Include only your head and upper shoulders. (complete head must be in photo)
  • Face should be visible. (dark or light photos will not be accepted)
  • Do not show other people, animals etc. or parts thereof.
  • Orientation of photo must be correct. (if photo is sideways it will not be accepted)
  • No filters accepted or watermarks. (this includes black and white photos)
  • Photos of other photos not accepted.
  • Avoid headgear or sunglasses. (an exception is made for reasons of religious observance

Your Photo ID requirements:

  • Photo ID must be a valid Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID
  • Photo ID must be clear and readable
  • Photo ID must be the complete ID: showing face, name, date of birth and expiration date



  • Make sure that you have DUO setup, otherwise you won’t be able to login.
  • E-Sign the One Card Use Agreement (After e-signing, please wait 30 minutes for processing)
  • Upload your photo for your new One Card that follows the photo requirements* and a copy of your approved photo ID.