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During May or June, meal plan packets are mailed to all incoming and returning students to their home address for the upcoming academic year. At this point, the students sign-up for a meal package that will be ready for access through their One Card.

For specific meal plan information, to request an information packet, or for exact dates of the meal plans and their policies, please see the Carolina Dining Services website or call 1-800-UNC-MEAL.

How to Sign Up

Sign up for your annual meal plan by going through the Meal Plan portal.  Once you choose your meal plan, you will be billed on your student account through the Office of the University Cashier. The charges will appear on your student account within two business days, but your meal plan will be available for immediate use after sign-up. Your meal plan will reside on your One Card account and can be accessed with your One Card when the meal plan begins.


Students receiving financial aid or scholarships to cover the cost of their meal and flex plans should:

  1. Sign up for your meal plan by visiting the Meal Plan portal. The plan will be available to you upon the scheduled date of start – you don’t have to wait until your bill is paid to start using your plan.
  2. Once you sign up for your meal plan, your charges will be applied to your student account through the Office of the University Cashier. You will see the charges on your statement in the next billing cycle.
  3. As your student aid or scholarships come in, the Office of the University Cashier will apply the charges to your student account, so your meal plan and related charges will be reflected on your bill.
  4. Any balance remaining after all aid and scholarships have been applied to your meal plan costs are your responsibility to pay. Payment should be made through the Office of the University Cashier.
Dining Locations Meal Plan Appeal Form