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Carolina Convenience Account

Every One Card has a convenience account.  A convenience account is simply the term used for funds that are loaded by the account holder (or account holder’s parents) onto their UNC One Card so that money is readily available for use on campus, more easily managed, and not easily stolen. In contrast to the other payment options, these funds are not connected to a bank account and are not reconciled like the Meal Plan or Flex account through the Cashier’s Office billings or by payroll deduction.

Flex Account

All meal plan holders have a flex account. The flex account is just like the convenience account with four key differences:

  1. Flex account funds are for food purchases only.  They can be used anywhere the One Card is accepted, but only for food.
  2. Flex dollars are loaded in $50 increments.
  3. Flex dollars are charged to the student’s cashier’s account.
  4. Flex dollars are not refundable.

Locations that Accept One Cards for Payment

Convenience and Flex (food only) dollars are good anywhere on campus that accepts the One Card: Student Stores for books and supplies, vending machines, Campus Health Services, snack bars, on-campus food trucks, as well as on-campus delivery from selected restaurants and all Carolina Dining Services facilities.

Restrictions and Refunds

Students cannot withdraw cash from their convenience accounts and account balances carry over to the next semester. Refunds are allowed during the first two weeks of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester if the card is carrying a balance. Refunds from the UNC One Card office are only by check and take two to four weeks to process. Students must come to the UNC One Card office in person to request the refund. Flex dollars are not refundable.

Student Cashier’s Account

This is for flex only. Students with meal plans can add flex dollars by going to the One Card Portal and choosing Flex Deposit. The charges will be sent to the cashier’s office and be immediately available.

Credit Cards

(MasterCard, Visa and Discover only)

Login through the secure UNC GET website. Online deposits will be available minutes after you have completed your online transaction. Please note that credit card payments are not taken at the One Card office. A non-refundable transaction fee of 2.5% will be applied for each credit card payment (fee subject to change).

Caution: Credit Card payments will be limited to three attempts if wrong data is entered. After three attempts, online deposit information will be locked until the cardholder notifies the One Card Office during office hours at 919-962-1385.

Checks or Money Orders

Make checks or money orders payable to “UNC One Card” and make sure that the student’s PID is on the check. Drop off the payment in person or mail the item to the UNC One Card Office at:

UNC One Card Office
Student Stores Building
207 South Road
Campus Box #1530
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Cash payments are accepted at the UNC One Card office during office hours, or cash deposits can be made at any of the Tar Heel Tellers on campus. Teller sites accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.


To add funds to your student’s card:

  1. Log into the UNC GET website
  2. Choose “Continue”
  3. Choose “Click Here to Deposit into A Student’s Account”
  4. Enter required information.
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Verify information and click “Continue”