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The One Card office produces special cards for departments hosting visitors or other special occasions with the department’s logo or other artwork of choice.  The department may arrange to have funds set up on these cards to serve as convenience accounts for the cardholders, and the cards may be set to expire at a certain date or time if needed.  Call 919-962-8024 for further information or to place an order.

Services and Details
Service Price What’s Included Payment
Badge Design Set-Up Fee $50.00 Samples Upon delivery
Price per Badge
(originals and replacements)
(additional charges at the discretion of the Office Manager or Assistant Manager for complex formats or card types)
Basic layout such as department name, individual name and department graphic. If desired, can include a message, color photo (of the person on the badge, lanyard, clip or plastic badge holder) and a message. Upon delivery
Photo Import Change $25.00+
(additional charge for using your own photos instead of taking them onsite)
Upon delivery
Badge Design Change Fee
(for making changes to the existing badge design)
$25.00 Upon delivery